[CONNECT @ E3] Powered by Game Connection

Enhance your E3 experience by taking advantage of the complimentary meeting application, [CONNECT@E3], powered by Game Connection..

[CONNECT@E3] provides exclusive match-making software that allows E3 Exhibitors to network and schedule meetings with E3 Attendees weeks before the show begins.

In addition, [CONNECT@E3] provides your business with efficient and effective tools to come face-to-face with the people you want to meet. This unique networking tool allows you to connect with industry professionals and key decision makers attending E3, as well as browse and review their games, projects or services. [CONNECT@E3] showcases your products, expertise and services to a highly-qualified and highly-valued audience who are looking for the next big product or industry deal.

Take advantage of all the benefits of [CONNECT@E3] including:

  • Direct access to key industry players you want to meet, and send meeting invitations right to their inboxes
  • Manage your entire schedule at E3 from one central site
  • Post your projects and showcase your services and products
  • Add videos, demos, pictures and games to your profile
If you have registered for E3 and your admission to E3 has been approved, click here to begin using [CONNECT @ E3].

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