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Twitch is the world's leading video platform and community for gamers. More than 11 million gamers in North America gather every month on Twitch to broadcast, watch and chat about gaming.

Kotaku is the most thought-provoking, unabashedly excited game culture outlet on the planet. It's the only destination that embraces not only game news and reviews, but also the playing community as a whole - with all its far out savvy, weirdness, and creativity. Game culture isn't just another subculture anymore. Games are everywhere - so is Kotaku.

Future is a global media group and publisher of special-interest digital, mobile, and print properties reaching over 50 million enthusiasts monthly. In addition, Future is well known for its award-winning, full service, integrated creative solutions for a variety of clients in the games, tech, cycling, and lifestyle space.

Comprar Comprar Magazine is the leader in launching and creating successful advertising programs for consumer electronic companies. Whether your advertising goal is brand development, generating sales or product awareness, Comprar Magazine, with over 30 years in the business of collecting industry marketing contacts for our databases and distribution, brings your company to the right targeted audience.

Gamasutra is the largest independent web site devoted to the art and business of making games. It offers the latest breaking news on video games, much respected detailed features on the industry, the biggest video game job board anywhere, an in-depth contractors section, and much more. Growing rapidly since its 1997 launch, Gamasutra.com now reaches more than 650,000 game developers monthly. Take a look at Gamasutra at www.gamasutra.com.

Gamers-On magazine was founded in 2008 and it?s mission from the very beginning was to become the best Colombian magazine regarding digital entertainment and gaming. Throughout the years we have promoted the local industry by organizing events such as the Global Game Jam Colombia, the School and College Tours and the Electronic Game Developers Congress (EGDC) formerly known as Anigames Expo. Today we are focused in creating appealing content for our audience which ranges from hardcore gamers, early adopters, game developers, students and technology enthusiasts.

TWICE is the leading B2B resource serving the consumer technologies industry. With editorial coverage related to the latest innovation in consumer electronics, including, video, audio, smartphones, tablets, cameras, car electronics, major appliances and accessories, the brand also provide insights and analysis on emerging categories such as wearables and IofT. TWICE is where the industry and media turns to put it all into perspective. Visit TWICE.com for more information.

Gaming Business Review is the premier source of news and information for the games industry. We publish feature articles, CEO interviews, company profiles, research reports, conference coverage, as well as trend analysis and market research that provide and explain the details executives need to make decisions in a quickly evolving market. Gaming Business Review is read by developers as well as top-level executives who leverage us as a reliable source to uncover and interpret new and evolving trends that are shaping the entertainment and gaming industry. We support our highly influential readership with the GBR Newsletter which has thousands of subscribers. Gaming Business Review is part of M2 Publishing, Inc.

Dealerscope, Dealerscope.com and its E-Newsletters ? Dealerscope Today, Today in CE, and Smart Appliance Retailing ? give retailers, manufacturers and distributors the knowledge they need to increase sales and profits, build incremental business and give them competitive edge in the consumer technology industry. Each day, Dealerscope helps its partners reach the right audience with the right message at the right time. Also, note that Dealerscope is the proud Producer of CE Week in NYC, FutureVision in Laguna Beach and Dealerscope Retailer Summit in Phoenix.

MCVis the leading trade news and community site for all professionals working within the UK and international video games market. It reaches everyone from store manager to CEO, covering the entire industry. MCV is published by Intent Media, which specializes in entertainment, leisure and technology markets.

Bought to you from the team behind PocketGamer.co.uk, the world's number one consumer site for mobile and handheld games, PocketGamer.biz is all about the industry, processes, technology and deals that drive the business which makes these games happen. From breaking industry stories and in-depth interviews with key executives and players to coverage of industry conferences and events, and detailed analysis of mobile games metrics, if it makes a difference to the developers, publishers, operators, handset manufacturers, and service providers, then you can expect to see it here.

Media & Entertainment Technologies (M&E Tech) was founded by several engineers, technologists and editors averaging 25+ years each of experience in electronics and media industries. The ad free and sponsor free magazine was created to address the needs of the marketplace to provide an unbiased understanding of the hardware, standards, components, workflows, and trends behind the creation, distribution and performance of entertainment content in the music, cinema, gaming and animation industries.

Founded in 1985, the International Licensing Industry Merchandisers' Association (LIMA) is the primary trade organization for the worldwide licensing industry. LIMA's mission is to bring together all segments of the industry for the advancement of professionalism in licensing through research, national and international seminars, trade events and publications. With members in 35 countries, offices in New York, London, Munich, Tokyo, and Hong Kong and representatives in Australia, Iberia, India, Italy, Korea, and Turkey, members enjoy access to a wide variety of activities resources and benefits. For more information on educational programming, networking opportunities and more, please visit www.licensing.org

Retail Merchandiser is a 55 year old, award winning, bi-monthly retail publication which reaches over 215,000 decision makers worldwide. Our readers are buyers, CEO's, financial investors, visual merchandisers, licensors, licensees, licensing agencies and consultants to almost every major chain. We also distribute at trade shows and food and wine festivals, as well as social media such as LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and RM's Blog: Merchandise Monday.

17173.com, the No.1 game media & portal in China, has been committed to the industry for 14 years with keen sense of industry trends, a wide variety of game news and unique insights. Covering News, reviews, hubs, gamelist, videos and apps for MMO Games, Browser Games, Mobile Games and Console games, 17173 boasts 410 million monthly active users.

2p.com, under the brand of #1 game media - 17173.com in China, is a community-supported website providing news, reviews, events, game hubs and forums for MMO games & Mobile games. Hundreds of news items and articles submitted by 2P contributors each day.

VideoGamer.com is a popular and highly respected source of video game content. The site covers all major platforms with news, reviews, videos and a thriving community of gamers.

Since 1999, GameDev.Net has been one of the leading online destinations for game developers. GameDev.net features industry news, thousands of articles, product reviews, a community marketplace, developer journals, and the most active developer forums you'll find anywhere.

VentureBeat covers disruptive technology and explains why it matters in our lives. We're the leading publication for news and perspective on the most innovative technologies, and we also bring the community together several times per year through our own executive-level conferences.

Multiplayer.it is the biggest and most popular Italian videogames website. The best place where the gamers can find articles, news and trailers regarding every videogame on the market. Do you want to know everything about the E3? Follow Multiplayer.it and you won't miss a thing!

At Innovation & Tech Today , we're passionate about celebrating innovation wherever we can find it. Pick up our latest issue to see exclusive interviews with leaders in technology, entertainment, women in technology, energy, STEM education, security, business, sustainability, gaming, and more. Check out our established departments, which cover incisive stories on the latest developments in these areas. Find the latest gadgets in Product Revolution and our Gift Guides. The award-winning team of journalists at Innovation & Tech Today celebrate innovation with a special focus on sustainability and STEM. As such, I&TT caters to a loyal audience of millions of technology enthusiasts and early adopters, especially in corporate and educational communities.

WIRED makes sense of a world in constant transformation. We tell an ongoing adventure story?the invention of the future. The WIRED conversation illuminates how technology is changing every aspect of our lives?from culture to business, science to design. The breakthroughs and innovations that we cover lead to new ways of thinking, new connections, and new industries. We introduce you to the people, companies, and ideas that matter. WIRED reaches more than 30 million people each month through WIRED.com, our tablet edition, the magazine, social media, and live events.

GameSpot's expert editorial team provides comprehensive, engaging and unbiased information for gaming on any platform.  The site's award-winning coverage includes previews and reviews of the latest titles, breaking news, live video shows, guides, and one of the world's most active online gaming communities.

Kongregate is an essential site for all video gamers and game content creators. With over 100,000 games ready to be played, we are the leading social game portal that attracts core video gamers who want to play games more than read about them!

GameStop shoppers dictate which games are hits every year because they pre-order, buy first, and tell their friends to do the same. In order to get your game on their short list, you need to create awareness, preference, and move them to purchase by impacting them when they are shopping on GameStop.com.

Take This is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit charity that seeks to educate, inform, and advocate about mental health issues in our community, and staffed with clinical volunteers from the local area trained by Take This to respond to mental health emergencies, or provide assistance or advice to anyone dealing with mental health issues, or curious about how to help a friend. The AFK Room at E3 2016 is a quiet, safe space for anyone who feels overstimulated and needs place to regain their calm. For more information about the AFK Room program, visit www.takethis.org, or email info@takethis.org.

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